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Quotes & Quirks No.5

Welcome to Fun English Lessons ~ Quotes & Quirks No.5. It comes out about twice a week and consists of:

  1. Word of the Day
  2. Today's Idiom
  3. Collocation Corner
  4. Phrasal Verb Freak-Out
  5. Inspirational Quote
  6. Voice Recording of the above

I hope you find it useful. From this week I'm adding a collocation - words which commonly go together - and a phrasal verb to your Quotes & Quirks. Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of English - and enjoy.

Please leave your comments or questions below - I always love to hear from you. And tell your friends: the more the merrier!

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Word of the Day
To hit somebody or something with great force.
"Hurricane Isaac is lashing the coast with winds of up to 80 mph."

Today's Idiom
"come hell or high water"
You will do something, even if it is very difficult.
"I'll pass this darned exam come hell or high water."

Collocation Corner
"pull apart"
To separate into pieces by force
"Houses are being pulled apart by the strong winds"

Phrasal Verb Freak Out
"hold off"
To prevent or stop something.
"The city hopes the new floodgates will hold off the water."

Inspirational Quote
"While one person hesitates
because he feels inferior,

the other is busy making mistakes
and becoming superior."
  ~ Henry C. Link

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