Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dasco's Diary No.3

What Dasco Did Next
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OK, OK, I was hungry. And Master Sab did leave me to turn and turn in the house for a few hours with nothing better to do than to investigate the contents of the bin and a couple of cupboards.

It's in my nature, he's supposed to know this. I've seen him looking at wolf dog sites on the internet so he should have known better...

And I can't say I was too impressed with the contents of the bin either. Some empty biscuit packets, old eggshells and a few peapods - minus the peas, of course - pathetic.

The cupboards were more interesting but I'm still working out how to get into them. I managed to get my teeth on a large packet of crisps but they're foul things. Roast chicken and tyme, they're supposed to be. Salt, artificial flavouring and more salt more like. I gave them a miss after dipping one fang in.

Other than that not much to report. No bone yet. Jeez.

And they still haven't understood where I want my new corner to be. That's me sleeping in it in the last photo next to the table. And that is where I shall stay; I can see everything that goes on from there - perfect.

The pictures you can see on the wall are by Master Sab. He fancies himself as an abstract artist. Well, it's definitely abstract, but whether it's art or not I really don't know. I'd prefer a picture of a bone, but I quite like the colours nevertheless.

And it's by Master Sab. I must admit I'm starting to quite like the place and him too. He gives me lots of cuddles but does spend a huge amount of time in his office tapping away at his computer. I'll have to check out his desk and see if it's comfortable under there.

See you next time...

Your four-legged friend,
Dasco (Woof!)

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