Sunday, 19 August 2012

Dasco's Diary No.1

Escape From The Kennels
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Hello. My name is Dasco and I am a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

And this is my diary.

My new master is called Sab and he thinks this diary is a Good Idea. I'm not so sure but we will see.

My life has not been easy. Master Sab is my 5th family and I really hope it will be my last.

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I don't want to change families and masters again. It makes me very unhappy.

So my home has changed again. As has my food. It takes me about three days to get used to new food and I usually have diarrhoea too. Not nice.

No bones yet. I like bones. Master Sab did give me a biscuit which I think was supposed to be vaguely bone-shaped. Pathetic. I sniffed at it but it wasn't worth more than that.

They have put a mat for me in a corner. I don't like it because I can't see much from there. I'll have to change that.

That will do for an introduction. Typing makes my paws hurt and takes ages. The keys are definitely not the right size for dogs.

I understand this diary is supposed to help you with your English. Good luck. I learned English ages ago, I just don't speak it too well. Never mind.

See you next time...

Your four-legged friend,
Dasco (Woof!)

Special Note to English students and their teachers
To practise your  English try these fun exercises...

  1. listen first before you read and try to understand
  2. listen and repeat aloud until your accent is perfect
  3. do a dictation: listen, write down everything then check
  4. read aloud to a friend and they write
  5. look up words you don't know in your dictionary
  6. learn by heart and tell the story to your friends
  7. read the story to someone then ask them questions
  8. get someone to ask you questions about the story
  9. print out, cut into paragraphs, then listen and put in order
  10. identify alll the nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc.
  11. remove all the nouns, verbs, etc. then listen and fill in the gaps
  12. listen, stop recording randomly, and try to remember what comes next
  13. write a diary by your pet if you have one - if not pretend you do!

Hotch Potch English: Fun English Lessons
Created & written by Sab Will
Copyright 2012 Sab Will / Hotch Potch English ~ The Unique English Language Website

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