Saturday, 25 August 2012

Quotes & Quirks No.4

Welcome to the 3rd Fun English Lessons ~ Quotes & Quirks. It comes out twice a week and consists of:

  1. Word of the Day
  2. Today's Idiom
  3. Collocation Corner
  4. Phrasal Verb Freak-Out
  5. Inspirational Quote
  6. Voice Recording of the above

I hope you find it useful. From today I'm adding a collocation - words which commonly go together - and a phrasal verb to your Quotes & Quirks. Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of English - and enjoy.

Please leave your comments or questions below - I always love to hear from you. And tell your friends: the more the merrier!

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Word of the Day
To take away honours or titles from someone as a punishment.
"Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles..."

Today's Idiom
"an uphill struggle"
Something difficult which takes effort over a long time.
"The green candidate faces an uphill struggle in this election."

Collocation Corner
"suffer from malnutrition"
"Many people in Africa suffer from malnutrition.

Phrasal Verb Freak Out
"break off"
To cancel or stop something.
"Diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea were broken off after the missile was fired."

Inspirational Quote
"I have learned more
from my mistakes
than from
my successes."
  ~ Sir Humphry Davy

Have Fun Learning English!

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