Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quotes & Quirks No.3

Welcome to the 3rd Fun English Lessons ~ Quotes & Quirks. It comes out twice a week and consists of:

  1. the Word of the Day
  2. the Fun Idiom
  3. Collocation Corner (coming soon)
  4. Phrasal Verb Freak-out (coming soon)
  5. the Inspirational Quote
  6. a Voice Recording of the above

I hope you find it useful. As you can see we will be extending Quotes & Quirks soon to include a collocation and a phrasal verb - watch this space!

Please leave your comments or questions below - I always love to hear from you. And tell your friends: the more the merrier!

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Word of the Day
Forming opinions about what has happened or what might happen without knowing all the facts.
"Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi dies at the age of 57, after months of speculation about his health."

Today's Idiom
"all hands on deck"
Everyone must help, especially in an emergency.
"The hotel's fully booked next week, so it's all hands on deck!"

Inspirational Quote
"The great
end of life
is not knowledge
                                                  but action."
  ~ Thomas Henry Huxley

Have Fun Learning English!

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