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Quotes & Quirks No.7

Welcome to Fun English Lessons ~ Quotes & Quirks No.7. It comes out about twice a week and consists of:

  1. Word of the Day
  2. Today's Idiom
  3. Collocation Corner
  4. Phrasal Verb Freak-Out
  5. Inspirational Quote
  6. Voice Recording of the above

I hope you find it useful. Sometimes I work to a theme. Sometimes the words and expressions I choose are totally random. In any case I hope you find your Quotes & Quirks interesting and useful. Remember, you find them everywhere and nobody knows them all, even native speakers. Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of English - and enjoy.

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Word of the Day
(verb) To move soldiers or weapons to an place ready for military action.
"Prince Harry has been deployed to Afghanistan for four months."

Today's Idiom
"fight a losing battle"
To do something with no hope of success.
"You're fighting a losing battle; Jim won't stop smoking for anyone."

Collocation Corner
"follow orders"
To do what you are told to do by someone in authority.
"A soldier must follow orders at all times."

Phrasal Verb Freak Out
"pull out"
To take an army or soldier away from a place.
"He was pulled out after the media discovered his location."

Inspirational Quote
"The true soldier fights
not because he hates
what is in front of him,

but because he loves
what is behind him."
  ~ G. K. Chesterton

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